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Want to learn the fundamentals of web development but can't commit to our full-time program? Ubiqum is happy to announce the launch of new part-time course with evening classes in full-stack web development with JavaScript!

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Program Details


The Web Development with Javascript Part-time program is intensive and 100% practical. It has two parts, Web Fundamentals 1 and Web fundamentals 2, of 10 weeks each that can be taken separately. It will allow you to build your core skills in front-end and full-stack development while also balancing the demands of your existing full- or part-time job. It's also an ideal option for at-home parents who want to update their skills to the modern job market or college students on summer break. You'll be coding from day one with the personalised support of your mentor. You'll learn the most in-demand programming languages in front-end (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) and back-end (MERN) development.

Web Development with Java Program

What You’ll Learn

If I got it, you too. Learning to program can make a difficult or impossible task, but I assure you it is not


As modern coding languages go, JavaScript is king, with the most Github contributors and commits for 5 years running. And JS is constantly evolving. Take, for instance, the recent emergence of powerful dynamic UI frameworks like React and Vue or the potential to build full-stack applications with Node and Express. Practically, this constantly changing landscape means that there are always opportunities for new developers who are interested in learning and improving!


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Responsive Web Design


Take a look at Anna's intuitive, beautifully designed MYtinerary app she built using JavaScript. Having previously trained as a UX designer, Anna combined her eye for design and her newly acquired technical knowledge to get this fantastic result.

In the second part of the Part-time program, you'll build a mobile app similar to Anna's!

Projects You'll Work On

Project 1

Project 1

In just 2 weeks you will have created your first website from scratch with HTML and CSS. Your task will be to design and code a website for a football league, test it to verify that it complies with the W3C standards, and make sure it works on any web browser, always with the personalised support of your mentor, who will guide you in the different processes of design, creation, and testing.

Project 1

Tareq Hammida

Tareq Hammida

“I don't have a background in graphic design nor in programming but I love what I'm learning because there are no limits to what you can make.”

Project 2

Open Government Website

The Government of the United States has hired you to develop an interactive platform on which voters can see all of Congress' legislative activity. This will be your second project: to create a dynamic website with JavaScript, JSON, AJAX, and Vue.js, integrating current and real public data provided by US Congress.

In carrying out this project you will learn to develop algorithms to treat and segment information, and you will use JavaScript libraries such as jQuery to implement the user interface. Be sure to test and debug the code later!

Open Government Website

Mari Potgieter

Marí Potgieter

"As I had never programmed in JavaScript before, it was a challenge. But it was worth it because I learned new skills and the end result was a functional website that I can highlight in my portfolio."

Project 3

100% Responsive Website

In your third project, you will optimise the football league website that you created in the first two weeks to make it responsive and look good across all devices by using Bootstrap and JavaScript. You will also learn how to code a synchronous chat for the website.

You'll use Firebase and jQuery to add user interface elements and improve the design and functionality of your first project at Ubiqum.

100% Responsive Website

Marinos Petratos

Marinos Petratos

"As a civil engineer, I had no experience in programming, yet in the third project, after just 5 weeks at Ubiqum, everything seemed possible!"

Project 4


In the fourth project, you'll develop a web app for the travel and hospitality market. The product, MYtinerary.com, allows local experts to create their ideal routes to share on the app. For example, you can create the perfect afternoon in Berlin, a 4-hour “MYtinerary”, or the perfect weekend in Amsterdam, a 36-hour “MYtinerary”.

You will create the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) based on the requirements defined by wireframes and associated user stories, provided by the Product Manager. During a total of 6 "Sprints", you will work according to the principles of Agile methodology, completing the tasks assigned to you and ensuring that your MVP complies with the established requirements.

With the ”MERN” stack framework, you will create your back-end setup with Node.js, Express, and MongoDB, before getting your front-end app started with React.


What you'll do:
- Build various dynamic user interface (UI) elements in React
- Set up a runtime environment in Node.js and Express
- Translate Agile-based business requirements and user stories into measurable business logic
- And much more


Ubiqum Academy SL informs you that your personal data will be used to attend your request and send you electronic communications about our courses. Said data will not be disclosed with third parties and you can exercise your data protection rights according to the following Privacy Policy


A Day in Ubiqum



Plan your day's tasks in Trello

Full Stack

Daily "Scrum" standup meeting

Full Stack

Work on your MVP in React

Web Development with JavaScript Program

Review your code with a mentor

Web Development with JavaScript Program

Refactor your code based on feedback

Full Stack


Full Stack

Continue testing your mobile web app

Full Stack

Meet with the product owner

Full Stack

Meet the Mentors

At Ubiqum there are no teachers, instead, you'll have access to a team of mentors who are 100% involved in your learning process. These programming experts will be on hand at all times to answer questions, motivate you, and accompany you on each project towards your new profession as a programmer.

Vasil Gergiev Full Stack Mentor VASIL
Lluis Garcia Full Stack Mentor LLUÍS

Start Dates and Tuition

Limited places. Reserve your spot on the Web Development with JavaScript program in Barcelona, ​​Berlin, Amsterdam, or Madrid.

We don’t want financing to be an obstacle. Let’s discuss your options!


50/50 Agreement

You can pay 50% when you start the program and the rest when you get hired!

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Payment Plans

We have a number of payment plans that adapt to your needs

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What is the completion rate and student satisfaction?

We are confident in our methods and content, demonstrated in the fact that we offer an employment guarantee which allows students to pay only half their tuition at the beginning of the course and the rest only once they’ve successfully secured employment.

What is Ubiqum Code Academy’s learning methodology?

Ubiqum uses an immersive project-based curriculum develop by experts from Northwestern's Institute of Learning Sciences. Our learning methodology focuses 100% on “learn by doing”. You will work on projects similar to those you’ll find on the job and complete them using the same tools used by professionals currently in Developer positions. A mentor will be available at all times to provide help and evaluate your work. We offer you a supportive and engaging work environment, where you can feel free to make mistakes and learn from your experiences. This will fully prepare you to think like a coder.

How much access do students have to the mentors?

"Mentors are full-time Ubiqum staff who are onsite every day. Typically, a student will have one 15-minute personal session a day, and this is complemented by "scrum", the daily stand up, and group code reviews facilitated by the mentors. They also lead guided discussions, or "spikes", around shared topics, such as complex problems that multiple students are working on.

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