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350 Students Graduated and Counting


Over 350 students have completed the Full Stack Java Developer or Data Analytics & Machine Learning Program. Those who attend Ubiqum have one clear goal in mind, to launch, boost, or completely change their career, and with our career programs, they manage to do so quickly and effectively.

A Diverse Network of Alumni


Our alumni are made up of people from all over the world and range from lawyers to architects to customer service reps. In fact, our alumni come from over 50 different professional and educational backgrounds. Find out more below:

Where they end up

For us, it’s not only important that our students achieve their goal of getting hired after the program, it’s also crucial that they find a workplace where they’re happy, fulfilled, and able to develop in an environment that they feel comfortable and supported in. We love hearing how our alumni are getting on after they’ve been working in their new jobs for at least six months.

Read some of their stories below:

If you want to change careers and get into web development, do it. Now is the time!

READ MORE Egle Mekaite Ubiqum Alumni

It was a very good decision to take Ubiqum's business data analytics course as it allowed me to make the professional change I was looking for.

READ MORE Neus Montserrat - Data Analytics Course

In the IT and tech sector, there is always work and there are always opportunities to advance professionally. You’re never going to find yourself stagnant. The only way is up, economically and professionally.

READ MORE Rubén Peregrina - Java Web Development

I'd recommend Ubiqum for the course and the people. I had a couple of really great mentors, and this combined with the material and the way in which we were learning, made it a great experience.


The best thing was that it felt like work at Ubiqum; they set up tasks and deadlines and you have to work fairly autonomously, just like I’m doing now in my job.

READ MORE full-stack-java-development-program

I came to open one door, and unconsciously, all doors were open after attending Ubiqum. It was the best decision I ever made.


It's one of the only data analysis courses that has employment as its main priority, I had no interest in learning to learn, I needed a job and I just wanted to work on projects that serve that purpose.


Where our alumni work

Our data analysts and developers go on to work in a variety of companies. Be it a startup or a large corporation, the companies our alumni work in are situated in many different sectors, including marketing, finance, e-commerce, software development, and tourism.

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